Falls Prevention Therapy Services

I offer falls prevention therapy services in Bolton and the surrounding areas to ensure that everyone has access to specialist treatments when they need it most. Falls prevention therapy is aimed at helping to increase your mobility and maintain independence through ensuring that you’re taking every available action to minimise the risk of falls.

We’ll work together during an initial consultation session – which can take place from the comfort of your own home in Bolton, Bury, Chorley, or Preston – and work out a plan of action to ensure that you can enjoy your mobility and independence.

The classes also provide an educational section to help in the case of falls in the home, with a variety of topics including how to get off the floor on your own, identifying some common trip hazards, and awareness of community services to support you.

To find out more about falls prevention, get in touch today.


Physiotherapy for Falls in Bolton

To ensure that you have access to the best physiotherapy services in Bolton, regardless of your circumstances. I’ll work with you to help you maintain a sense of independence in your own home, helping to encourage the proper range of movement that will help to prevent future falls and deal with existing injuries from falling. When you call me for physiotherapy treatment in Bolton, you can be sure that you’re getting the best service available and the most bespoke, personal approach to falls prevention therapy.