5 Signs You Need to See a Physiotherapist: Back Pain!

Most people tend to put up with a degree of pain and discomfort, especially as we age. However, sometimes, seeing a physiotherapist is in your best interest. Here are 5 signs that you should be mindful of if you have back pain.

  1. You’re not moving as easily as you used it If your movement has been restricted due to back pain, a physiotherapist can assess your problem, provide a diagnosis and commence you on a treatment programme aimed at reducing your pain and increasing movement & strength.
  2. Radiating pain, tingling or numbness If you are experiencing any radiating pain, tingling or numbness this is indicative there could be an underlying neurological involvement. A physiotherapist would be able to complete a more thorough assessment and detect the underlying cause.
  3. Back pain lasting longer than 2 weeks  Typically most cases of acute lower back pain should start to improve within a week or two. If your symptoms persist and show no sign of improvement, be sure to make an appointment with a physiotherapist.
  4. Back pain that keeps you awake at night 
  5. When back pain is limiting or preventing normal activities Some hands on treatment to help improve symptoms and ease you back into your normal activities is highly recommended.

There is no need to live with high levels of lower back pain – more often than not getting an assessment and specialist treatment by a physiotherapist can help reduce your pain and allow you to return to normal activities by utilising some common physiotherapy treatments.


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