Is It Nerve Or Arthritic Pain?


Often associated with age related changes to the joint, which as we age, is inevitable! Such pain would often be described as a discomfort and a dull ache which can be exacerbated with increased activity.

Other symptoms can include:

– Joint pain / tenderness / stiffness 

– Inflammation & swelling around affected joint

– Restricted and reduced range of movement 

– Surrounding muscular weakness and muscle wasting 


Often described as a ‘deep ache’ or ‘shooting pain’ which can often be sharp in nature. Other signs of nerve pain are altered sensation in the affected area/limb, pins and needles or numbness. 

While nerve pain can be associated with our joints and surrounding muscles, it can also indicate an underlying physiological condition such as diabetes, vascular issues, gout or vitamin deficiency.


Physiotherapy has been proven to help reduce symptoms of both nerve and arthritic pain with various techniques. Treatment includes soft tissue massage, manual therapy, dry needling and acupuncture along with home exercises to stretch and strengthen the affected area/limb. Also, specific medications such as neuropathic pain relief (pregabalin/ gabapentin/ amitriptyline) can be prescribed by your GP.


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