Mrs D – Case Study

Initially contacted by Mrs D. in September 2022 to help improve her mobility and overall functional ability. This had significantly reduced due to her complex medical history and prolonged illness which has resulted in a prolonged hospital admission.

On discharge from hospital Mrs D was bedbound, living upstairs and had a catheter in place.  Other healthcare professionals had advised would only ever have very limited mobility.

Mrs D then decided to seek further physiotherapy input with myself and has had regular sessions since. I have prescribed an individualised exercise programme of strengthening and balance exercises and commenced sit to stand and mobility practice. I have also utilised other modalities such as soft tissue massage to maximise joint range of movement and reduce pain.

Mrs D has progressed extremely well with her physiotherapy treatment and is now walking independently (no aids) indoors and a stick confidently outdoors. She has also gained independence when completing the stairs and is no longer confined to her bedroom.

Mrs D main goal was to return to her beloved horse riding and her pony. I am incredibly pleased to say this has been accomplished!

We at Get Moving Physio Ltd are so proud to have been part of Mrs D rehab journey and are passionate about helping others do the same.