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If you’re in need of a qualified, reliable physiotherapist in Walkden, Get Moving Physio is here for you! I can treat many conditions and offer a professional service that can work around your individual needs and requirements. For more information on my physiotherapy services in Walkden, get in touch today!

Walkden Physiotherapy Sessions

My comprehensive physiotherapy services in Walkden cater to a wide range of individuals of various ages and activity levels. I am extremely passionate about delivering the highest quality of care to my patients and clients, applying a holistic approach to every treatment by addressing the underlying causes and symptoms of any condition.

As a mobile physiotherapist in Walkden, my number one mission is to provide care that focuses on reducing pain, restoring function, and promoting long-term well-being. By maintaining a patient-centred approach, I prioritise active participation to boost the recovery process and treat various issues, from neck pain to mobility issues and more!

Physiotherapy Clinic

The wide range of physiotherapy services I offer are completely bespoke depending on the client – with each treated according to their personal needs and requirements. From musculoskeletal conditions to a sports injury, I utilise all the latest equipment and techniques to diagnose and treat for the optimal result. Whether you’re an athlete looking for rehabilitation and recovery after an injury or you’re looking for an effective plan to manage pain, I am here to support you 100% of the way on your journey to proper health and mobility.

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Suffering from Pain? Let me Assess!

Oftentimes, the most effective treatment comes from investigating the initial root causes of any pain or discomfort on your end. With that knowledge, a highly effective treatment and recovery plan can be implemented. Book an appointment with me today for an assessment and diagnosis. I will use all the advanced diagnostic tools and techniques at my disposal – including functional assessments and movement analysis – to accurately diagnose your problem.

Reliable Injury Management

Managing an injury after an accident or surgery may seem daunting, but I am here to support you as you recover by implementing a rehabilitation plan. The emotional and physical challenges of rehabilitation can be difficult to overcome without the right support system in place – luckily, I am here to provide you with everything you need to make an effective recovery. Together, we will develop a program to restore strength, improve flexibility, and address mobility, with a mix of therapeutic exercises, specialised modalities, and manual therapy techniques that encourage a speedy return to normal activities.

Manual Therapy

From joint mobilisation to manipulation and soft tissue massage, there are many manual therapy techniques that can be incorporated into a treatment plan to address your requirements. Some of the benefits of manual therapy include:
  • Better tissue healing
  • Improved joint function
  • Pain reduction
By using targeted manual therapy, I will work with you to restore movement patterns, reduce muscle tension, and improve circulation. Get in touch to find out more about manual therapy in Walkden!
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Why Choose Get Moving Physio?

My clients in Walkden love choosing me for their physiotherapy needs, and there are many reasons why Get Moving Physio has grown in both opinion and practice over the years. Some of these reasons include:

Personalised Treatment Plans: By taking the time to understand your goals, I can work with you to create a treatment plan that boosts your likelihood of achieving your aspirations!

Evidence-Based Approach: I can ensure you receive the most effective and up-to-date care as the best practice recommendations and the latest research into the craft support all my treatment options.

Fantastic Facilities: My well-equipped facilities offer a comfortable and effective environment for treatment by maintaining a modern environment and the newest recommended equipment. Looking for extra support? We offer 3D printed orthotics to help relieve pain and pressure.

Contact Get Moving Physio for Physiotherapy Walkden now!

If you’re looking for a qualified physiotherapist in Walkden that is committed to helping you improve your life quality and achieve your goals via custom physiotherapy, Get Moving Physio is exactly what you need! We offer a range of physiotherapy services, including sports injury therapy, frailty therapy, and fall prevention, so you can get everything you need out of our services. Contact me today to book one of our treatments and enquire about block-booking discounts and our loyalty scheme. In addition to Walkden, we also offer our services in Bury, Leigh, and more!

For more information regarding physiotherapy, our blog contains useful and insightful articles, including What to Wear for Physiotherapy,  The Benefits of Physiotherapy, and exploring whether you need to be an athlete to have a sports massage!

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